What if you could relive your wedding day all over again?

Don’t just watch your wedding video, be a part of with virtual reality

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What is VR video?


“Memories aren’t flat, so why should your wedding video be?”

The first thing you probably think of when you think virtual reality, is computer games or Google Street View. Well, the same technology that powers both of those is much more advanced and also creates our fully immersive 360 degree virtual reality wedding videos. A VR video allows you to be right in the middle of the action. It lets you relive every moment of your day, by being (virtually) there. You can sit in the church and see you take your vows, watch as you leave as a married couple, see the guests mingle while you are off getting photos, listen to the musicians entertain your guests, see and hear the speeches and look around at who is crying! Only the power of VR allows you to do this.

See a demo for yourself...


Alison & William's First Dance


Relive your wedding day, just like a guest!


“My biggest regret was that my parents couldn’t make it to our wedding… But with virtual reality they were able to be there”

When we got married my parents couldn’t make it to our wedding. They wanted to but were too ill. We used Facebook and WhatsApp, but that didn’t provide the real experience of being there. It gave us to idea to do something about it for other couples and we founded Panoramic Love. Through the power of virtual reality wedding video, you can make your wedding come alive again and share it with those who couldn’t make it. It is like really being there. You see every detail as if you are a guest! You don’t just watch your video, you are a part of it. The experience is amazing on a computer, or a smart phone or even a tablet… but it is really amazing when you watch it using a VR headset. We even provide a headset for you to view your video on!

Be with the bride as she gets ready. Watch as the ceremony is about to start from the view of a guest. Hear the vows as if you are actually there. Experience every tear of the speeches as if you are sat at a table. Watch the first dance from the sidelines. All in true 360 degree virtual reality.

Viewing your video is easy!

Virtual Reality Headset (included)

Experience true VR using a VR headset such as a Google Cardboard or Occulus Rift. We even include a VR headset with our packages to get you started.

Any smartphone or tablet

Use your own smartphone or tablet to view your 360 video, using your finger or phone itself to look around. You can even share your video with friends and family, so they can enjoy it too!

Computer or any other web browsing device

You can also use a computer or laptop to view your video (online or offline). We even provide software to get you started.

Is must me witchcraft?!

It may seem like it, but it isn’t!

We use specialist 360 degree camera equipment that is able to record ultra high definition 4K “equirectangular” video. It uses multiple lenses, and then using the magic of computing, we stitch the whole thing together to give a totally immersive 360 experience. It means you get to experience your wedding day in a way that traditional video or “cinematography” just don’t allow. See every tear, watch every smile. Be a part of your day again, rather than just watching it.

Our equipment is discrete and has a small footprint, so we don’t get in the way. You can relive your day on any computer, tablet, phone and even using a virtual reality headset (that we include!). Your whole video is output in high resolution and set to music to enjoy over and over.

Why 360 over “normal” video?

  • We don’t just do the highlights* – we record your ceremony in full
  • Our equipment captures every angle as it works in a full 360 degrees
  • * Psst… we also give you a highlight video too to share with friends and family!
  • Discover something new everytime you watch your video
  • See your guest reactions during your speeches
  • Experience your wedding, just like Street View!
  • It is future proof – the principal behind the equirectangular format has been around since long before digital cameras and computers
  • We can even record in amazing super sharp 6K if you want
  • You don’t need fancy equipment to watch your video in true 360 – just a smartphone, computer, tablet or even VR headset (if you have one – and if you don’t we include a headset for you)
  • 360 video may be new, but we aren’t new to the wedding industry – having photographed hundreds of weddings over 11+ years
  • As our format is totally different from “normal” video, we can even work alongside your existing wedding video person (if you have one booked)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are based in Belfast but travel all over Ireland (and beyond) with our VR equipment

Do you know what you are doing?

Not only do we have extensive knowledge and experience with 360 video, we came to 360 weddings from a photographic background – photographing hundreds and hundreds of weddings over the years – 11+ years to be exact! So you could say we know a thing or two about weddings!

Is it expensive?

Packages start from just £395 – Give us a bell and we can have a chat 🙂

I've already booked my video dude/dudess, can I add you too?

Of course you can. We work great as part of any team. We don’t do the same thing as a normal videographer or cinematographer (that’s what the cool kids are calling them these days). In fact, we are more discrete than them and you won’t even notice us… mainly because if we stand beside our camera, you will see us in your video (and we wouldn’t want that!)

Can't I just ask a normal videographer to do it?

360 video is a very specialist service. It requires very advanced specialist camera equipment, that other cameras cannot capture. It also requires a vast amount of processing power – a lot more than a normal videographer would require to stitch all the video together.

How do I book?

Just use the form below to get in touch and we will take it from there. We require a £150 deposit to secure your date (with the remainder of your package due 14 days before the wedding).

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